De fapt, pornisem sa vad ce se mai „barfeste” despre cei cevor boicotarea Jocurilor Olimpice de la Beijing (daca nu se pierde misterios, fotografia de mai sus, copyright Reuters via Dnevnik.bg, reprezinta santierul viitorului stadion olimpic din capitala chineza). Dar…

Nu cred ca am stiut vreodata ce inseamna data de 25 iunie 1950 in istoria secolului XX. Am aflat accidental, rasfoind Global Voices ; si, poate, nu m’as fi grabit sa caut pe net dupa Razboiul din Coreea. In schimb, unul dintre autorii lui Global Voices a tradus cateva blog-entry-uri din Coreea de Sud. The (deja vu) unsaid side of story, ca sa spun asa.

„Every year when I was a kid, I remember that I made anticommunist slogans and posters, and sang a song, ah, ah, how can we forget this time-the day when the enemies of our country trampled on us. Now, I know the reason why we were educated to blame the northern part so much was a means and policy that dictators made in order to keep their own authority.”


„My primary school was in the middle and late 1980s. It was the anticommunist period. We watched anticommunist movies at school. I remember at that time I was just excited to watch the fascinating medium, movies at that time. Rather than primary and secondary school songs, and any other children’s songs, this 6.25 song is still more strongly hovering around the rims of my ears.”


„I still remember the time when I learned this song the first time. In the second grade, a teacher wrote down these lyrics on the right side of the blackboard and kept them for several days. At that time, North Koreans were all bastards (…) had all red faces with the shape of pigs. In the theater, the poor-quality screen showed the death of our soldiers and tears of our people, and the background song was always this song. Even in that age, I cried following the lyrics. It was the 6.25 song that made me cry.”

Si cantecul despre care se vorbeste spune asa:

Ah, ah, how can we forget this time / The day when the enemies of our country trampled on us / With bare fist and red blood, we blocked our enemies. / The days we stamped our feet on the earth and shook our bodies with anger. / Now we’ll pay back to the enemies at that time. / Chasing after our enemies on and on / Smashing up every one of our enemies / Now we will bring glory to this nation and our brethren.

Dictatorii astia, ca’s buni, ca’s rai, dom’le, n’au nici un pic de imaginatie.

Later edit: am gasit o colectie de reclame si alte stante (postere publicitare „personalizate”) din China pre-maosita.

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